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classic hoops, 14 Gauge Argentium Sterling Silver Hoops- Classic Round Hoops- Hammered - Dangle Hoops- Round Minimalist- Hand Made Artisan Boho



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Each earring is a large 1" hammered texture lovely Argentium sterling silver hoop hanging from a custom hand formed and designed Argentium sterling silver ear wire. I soldered the hoop for strength and hammer is for sparkle. These are really large dangle earrings which hang 1 5/8" from the top of the ear wire. 16 gauge Argentium silver wire earrings are substantial and yet light.Handmade from nickel free Argentium sterling silver, these hoop earrings are forged by hand from heavy gauge wire that is hand hammered to flatten, shape and elongate the metal. This gives them great movement and dimension and they catch the light beautifully!16 gauge is a thicker wire which allows for extensive texture hammering for facets and sparkle. 16 gauge Argentium wire is 1.3mm which is a good thickness for showing the hammer facets and texture. I include the gauge of the wire unlike most sellers so that you can make an informed decision about your earrings and not be fooled by photographs which enhance the size of the earrings. They are fun to wear and very comfortable and light. I hand make my ear wires and they are very smooth and comfortable to put on. You will enjoy having these to wear with everything and hardly notice that you have them on.All silver jewelry is polished and burnished to a high shine and wrapped in tarnish proof tissue and packed carefully in a gift box for shipping.These are a great gift for someone special even if that person is you.Thank you for looking at my jewelry.Barbara----Information about Sterling Silver Wire:20 gauge is .812mm thick18 gauge is 1.02mm thick16 gauge is 1.3mm thick14 gauge is 1.63mm thickSo the lower number of gauge wire, the thicker and more substantial the wire is.Standard ear wires are 20 gauge since that fits most people.**All Argentium Silver or Sterling Silver that I use is reclaimed / recycled. Argentium is .930 pure silver and Sterling Silver is .925 pure silverMcCray Studios Argentium sterling silver hoop earrings one inch hoops, silver hoops

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