Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

viking, Oden Ravens Solid Aluminum Bracelet with:#AB- 023 Five Raven's or #AB-022 Viking Ruen's or #AB-031 Ravens-Ruen's Marked-Lightening Bolts



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This is a HAND CRAFTED ALUMINUM CUFF BRACELET. It is a 6" LONG 1/4" 14 GAUGE cuff. YOUR CHOICE OF ONE (1) WITH EACH PURCHASE. Solid ALUMINUM Bracelet is HAND STAMPED with:#AB-023 FIVE (5) ODEN'S RAVENS or:#AB-022 RUEN'S STAMPED WITH 25 SYMBOLS or:#AB-031 LIGHTENING BOLTS CENTER-RAVENS on SIDES- RUENS SYMBOLS for: WARRIOR, SIGNALS, MOVEMENT, JOURNEY, BREAKTHROUGH 12 GAUGE HEAVY The Pictures should represent the size and opening. EACH PURCHASE IS FOR ONE (1) OF THE CUFFS LISTED. It has been polished. THE CUFF HAS BEEN HARDENED WITH A TUMBLER & STAINLESS SHOT. Any Questions Please E-MAIL me. The raven is an iconic and magical creature in the Viking world. It is a powerful symbol of war and is believed to be the eyes and ears of the chief Viking god, Odin. ... Odin has two ravens: Huginn ("thought") and Muninn ("memory"). They fly all over the world, Midgard, and bring information to the god Odin., made in usa

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