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Very Long Labradorite Gemstone Necklace925 silver gold plated, AAA Quality925 silver gold plated, 2.5mm



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I made this delicate long chain from transparent grey 2.5 mm faceted Labradorite beads in AAA quality. The faceting of the beads is quite uniform and makes the beads shimmer wonderfully. It is closed with a dainty S-hook. You can choose between an S-hook made of 925 silver or 925 gold-plated silver and a length of 80 cm to 120 cm.Depending on the length, you can wear the chain long, slung 2 to 3 times around the neck, or as a bracelet. Every combination looks great and super-elegant.This necklace is also available in combination with a Tahiti pearl pendant in my shop. Super noble and very fancy ...The chains shown are 90 cm long, fit loosely 2 times around the neck and with a wrist circumference of 16 cm exactly 5 times around the wrist.The chain is mounted on a 49-threaded jeweler wire of the highest quality, which is very soft and flexible and at the same time has a high tear resistance. Nevertheless, you have to be careful. Due to the stone size, the wire is only 0.3 mm thick and therefore more sensitive than a stronger wire. You - or the little ones ;) - should rather not tear at the chain.The Labradorite is said to inspire imagination, increase creativity and improve memory. It is intended to strengthen intuition and promote a sensible sense of reality. Furthermore, the Labradorite can help to intensify one's own feelings and helps to recognize one's own goals and intentions. Due to its calming and balancing effect, it should be helpful in a burgeoning temperament., mother daughter sister

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