Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

key, Keychain "Bride Mother"



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Keychain "Dear mom, today bride, tomorrow wife, but always your daughter, your..." CabochonA special gift and thank you for the bride's mother!! On request, of course, also customizable for the groom's mother**! Simply indicate your wish.Silver keychain with cabochon with saying and your name! Also available for the bride's father in the shop!Background color rose with white dotsPlease give your first name when you buy!!Key ring or pendant diameter 30 mm each with a small silver-coloured heart pendantHandmade by myself. It is fashion jewellery. The sockets and small parts are made of metal and according to the manufacturer nickel-free. Not waterproof!If you would like to use this motif as a chain, please check the shop or write it down!, bride mother gift

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