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This unique 108 stone mala necklace is made from African red jasper beads, african turquoise and a beautiful Buddha pendant. Malas are used in meditation, and each bead is used to keep track of and recite a chant or mantra. Malas are a tool to center the mind and increase focus during meditation. Red Jasper is called the "stone of health" because it strengthens and purifies the circulatory system. Red Jasper is also good for gradually enhancing ones strength, energy and memory. The unique buddha pendant is a simple reminder to be silent and go within because there is nothing more beautiful than one who is awakened. You can find your spiritual self in silence. This one of a kind mala measures 26 inches ( including tassel) in length. It has a 40 inch circumference. This piece comes with a beautiful turquoise silk pouch for storage., spiritual jewelry

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