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MADE TO ORDER.A playful and adorable necklace for the animal lover, zookeeper, or quirky jewelry lover!Image depicts a Saola, one of the rarest and least observed land mammals. Found only in the Annamite region of Vietnam and Laos, these hoof stock are found deep in the forests. Very little is known about them, and hopefully this will help bring even a fraction more awareness to the species.Formed in 20 gage sterling silver with a 1.5mm sterling silver rolo chain, hand cut by me. And to make you feel better about purchasing, a portion of each piece goes to conservation efforts goes to help animals, fund research, and species survival efforts at both sanctuaries and zoos. This necklace looks best on a short-mid length chain so it can rest near the collarbones and d\u00e9colletage, but looks wonderful longer too.Please note that the photographs can make the piece's patina appear darker than it is. No two pieces are exactly the same due to hand cutting and hand applying a patina, but I strive to achieve consistency on each piece.How it's Made:First, I apply the pattern/image to the metal (sterling silver in 18 gauge thickness) that is hand drawn onto metal or tape.I use my jeweler's saw and a very tiny saw blade (5/0) to carefully hand cut the image out and add any characteristics, such and fur or horns.I sand and file the outside edge gently to remove the sharp edges and also the front and back of the piece to achieve a smooth canvas for the patina.I then gently hammer the piece to give it the rippling effect.The pendant then gets a bath in liver of sulfur, is washed off, and dried, then I use fine steel wool to remove some of the oxidation caused by the liver of sulfur. After the first bath in the liver of sulfur (that smells as bad as the name suggests), I attach the sterling chain, and use handmade jump rings to attach it to the pendant.Specifications:Chain Length: 16"*Please choose length when purchasing! Add a few days to processing time if chain requires lengthening.*Pendant Size: 1.35" x 1.15", animal necklace

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