Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

You choose ~ Mini Goddess Chakra or embellished Mala - Word of the Year or Goddess Name custom request: one wordwasher pendant, metal stamped pendant with



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Important: when you check out, be sure to let me know the following information in the checkout comments:~Your (one) Word or Name or Goddess Name and your style preference from the drop down options.~if you would like a picture stamp: flower, heart, star, or goddess ~if I do not receive a message from you I will send you a message asking for the information. If I don\u2019t hear from you, I will intuitively choose the word/s to stamp.Every item I create or lovingly hand select, comes to you with absolute Love and Beautiful Intentions for you to be blessed in all ways! Before they arrive to their forever homes, they go through a smudge bath and are infused with Love, Reiki, and an Elemental Blessing, holding space for you for your most Highest Good.This offering enables you to custom choose one word (exceptions can be made, as long as it fits), one name, or one goddess name to be hand metal stamped by me. Your pendant will be further adorned with goddess, embellished with gorgeous, faceted beads (colors may vary from photos) or the chakra style, based on your choice. Optionally you may also choose an added picture stamp, if you choose only one word (a picture stamp may not fit if you opt for a phrase). Your choices: flower, heart, star, goddessYour Word of the Year!...many of us have them. Sometime during the year, a word will just come to us...will completely resonate with us as our own personal word or mantra for the year. We don't seek The Word, The Word seeks us. You will just KNOW! Words of the Year, in my experience, come from The Principles of The Universe. Words of the year are Immutable..Pure Vibration...Pure Love...Pure Support...they simply ARE! Words Create!Some examples of Words of the Year (and perhaps you don't have one, but one will jump out at you as you read this list): Flow, Joy, Bliss, Safety, Oneness, Order, Perfection, Communion, Peace, Beauty, Eternality, Infinite, Love, Presence, Awareness, Integrity, Abundance, Prosperity, Clarity, Wholeness, Gratitude, Purpose, Balance, Vibrancy, Harmony, Truth, Love, Evolve, Thrive, Presence, Grace, Creativity, Intelligence, Freedom, Liberation, Perfection, Delight, Play, Acceptance, Confidence, Empowerment, Unique, Authentic, Powerful, Resonance, Simplify, PeaceThis listing is for one custom requested, hand-stamped approximately 1/2-3/4" stainless steel washer pendant with a goddess and chakra or faceted beads.Thank you for visiting Dragonfly Inspirations Creations. ***be sure to follow me on Facebook*** my beloved sacred retreat for the soul~May your day be peaceful and inspired!Blessings and Gratitude,Sherry(disclaimer stuff: Dragonfly Inspirations Creations does not intend for any information given or product sold to replace the care of qualified medical professionals, and no statements made should be used in place of medical care to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Dragonfly Inspirations Creations is not responsible for any potential harm brought on from the use of candles. Be sure to use them responsibly, always keeping away from children and pets, burning them in a safe location and on a fireproof safe container; and always keep a close eye on a burning candle. Dragonfly Inspirations Creations is not responsible for allergies or reactions from hand-crafted soaps. Ingredients are listed. Dragonfly Inspirations is not responsible for any injury from any product. Wear and use responsibly. Thank you), metal stamping

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