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Description of my favorite creatures! On our last trip to Boston, we went Whale watching in Gloster, MA. We adopted a whale named "Colt" and the last picture shown here is actually one I took of his "fluke", which is what the tail is called. Colt is a humpback whale, which is a baleen whale, meaning he has no teeth. He sucks masses of small fish through baleen plates in his mouth, which act as filters. If you ever get the chance, I encourage you to go whale watching. It's very interesting & exciting. So while I'm thinking about whales, I made this awesome little necklace. The carved Bone Whale Fluke measures 45x22mm and is wrapped with oxidized copper wire to a beautiful antique copper coin from India that is the same size as a US nickel. The coin is then strung from a gorgeous, super soft dark chocolate brown deerskin leather cord, which closes with a tiny pewter toggle clasp. This is a great little necklace. Perfect for Whale Watching! You will love it, I promise. Leather cord is 17 inches. Copper coin & Bone Whale Fluke hang down an additional 2 inches from center. Leather cord may be shortened or lengthened up to an additional 4 inches for no extra charge. Just be sure to let me know in the "comments to seller" section at your time of purchase if you want a different length. Everything is mailed in a pretty little decorative tin, or box ~ perfect for gift giving, or dream catching...Thanks for visiting ~ \u2665 & Peaceclick here to see more from my shop: http://www.dornickdesigns. - Please visit my blog:'m always giving something away ~ Love & peace always ~ KathyCreated, Designed & Listed for sale on 9.24.2016 \u00a9 Protected under US \u00a9 as an Original and Handmade design of Kathy Hardy aka Dornick Designs, ocean life jewelry

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