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Nothing speaks of solitude like the silhouette of a Great Blue Heron standing in the shallow water.\r\rA bird of large stature, the Great Blue Heron has a grayish-blue body with streaks on its head and neck. It builds large nests of sticks in the trees or bushes near the water where it lives. Most prefer to hunt for food alone and will aggressively defend their territory. Parents take turns sitting on the eggs to keep them warm and care for their chicks in the nest for almost two months before teaching them to fly. \r\rThe Great Blue Heron is Seattle's official City Bird. To find more information on this delightful bird, see .\r\rThe basket is woven with sterling wire upon which the light aventurine beads are strung and then nestled inside. \r\rEach nest is handmade and will vary slightly.\r\r\rSpecifications: The pendant is approximately .75 in diameter and the sterling chain is 16 in long. (18-20 inches available upon request.)\r\rPayment Options: Paypal or Money Order\r\rPlease see my Shop Policies for more information on shipping, payment and exchanges. http://www./shop_policy.php?user_id=15330\r\rVisit my profile for more information about my shop like retail locations to find Adorn Jewelry. http://www./profile.php?user_id=15330, silver

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