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wedding gift ideas, Tony Luala Vintage 20 Strand Zuni FETISH Necklace Framed Fine Artwork and To Wear OOAK Native American Museum Piece



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Absolutely stunning 20 strand Zuni fetish necklace with turquoise, lapis, coral, mother of pearl, serpentine, jet, mussel shell, abalone and many other kinds of carved, polished precious and semi-precious gemstones.Sterling silver end caps and clasps.Quite substantial, it has been worn only a few times when first purchased in the early 1980s from the Galleria Capistrano in San Juan Capistrano, California.OOAK. By Zuni carver Tony Luala. Includes original Certificate of Authenticity dated May 20, 1987.I decided to have a shadow box frame made for this piece; there is a creme fabric removable back to the antique-painted light blue frame. There are two hooks inside at the top of the frame from which this necklace hangs. Breathtaking wall art as well as wearable art!, zuni fetish necklace

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