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These unique glass pendants are 1" square and slightly convex, and are full of old watch parts held in place with clear resin. You have a choice of sea foam blue in a pewter setting, antique blue in a copper setting or beige in a pewter or copper toned setting (with squared edges). All with a black cord. I also have similar watch part and glass earrings, and am always adding more shapes and colors. The cord is short - approximately 17". If you would prefer a longer cord, let me know and I'll be happy to switch one out for you. I will also be glad to switch out to a chain or different colored cord if you\u2019d like (this may slightly increase shipping time, depending on what I have in stock). I also have watch part earrings in various colors and shapes that would make a set. I usually ship all orders in 1 -2 business days, and will contact you if it will be longer., time jewelry

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