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pin, Hummingbird stick pin Sterling Silver or 14kt Gold Filled



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This pin has a hammered texture. I have created it out of Sterling Silver and it is also available in 14kt Gold Filled. This piece is hand fabricated and tooled so there will be slight differences in each piece but the overall concept is the same. Approximate size is 2" x 2 1/2"Thank you for visiting the Rush Studio page on Etsy. I hope you liked what you saw and will visit the site often since I will be continually adding new pieces. I would be most appreciative if you would pass on my Etsy web page to your friends.Please note pictures on the website may have darker or lighter colors according the monitor you are using. Please contact me if you want to buy insurance or need an item shipped sooner than what I list on the site. My custom jewelry is always made with the finest high quality materials and with the utmost care to creating a unique, often one of a kind, piece of jewelry.The difference between "sterling" and "fine" silver is that fine silver is 99.9% pure and sterling is 92.5%, the other 7.5% being composed, usually of copper and/or nickel. Sterling or 92.5 silver wears better than fine silver and is not as soft. Most of my jewelry is made of Argentium Sterling Silver which slows down the tarnishing process of silver compared to using regular silver. The reason is because Argentium Sterling Silver has less copper in it and has an alloy called germanium. It is still Sterling Silver and 92.5% pure but stronger and less apt to tarnish as fast. I gladly accept custom orders and will work closely with you to design the perfect piece according to your specifications and wishes.Directions on the care of Diamond Pave\u2019 ToolingOver time your piece of jewelry with a diamond pave\u2019 tooling texture may tarnish. You can bring it back to its sparkle finish by simply using a liquid silver jewelry cleaner.Simply use a soft toothbrush on the jewelry. The real trick is to rinse it very well in hot water to make sure you have gotten all the jewelry cleaner off. After that, simply pat the piece (don\u2019t rub) with a towel to get any remaining water off which will help in the piece not spotting.WARRANTY: My jewelry may be returned if buyer is not completely satisfied for any reason within 7 days after receiving item (buyer will pay return shipping). The warranty is extended for all jewelry items and in case of breakage may be returned and will be repaired at no cost to the buyer for 1 year from date of purchase (buyer will pay return shipping).SHIPPING:Most Items will ship in 3 to 5 business days but because my jewelry is handmade some pieces may take a little longer. If you have questions, please contact me before purchasing., bird

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