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artisan charm, Handmake European Charm Bead - Lampwork - Fits TB Only - Leopard Spots



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Leopard Spots is a great new bead by me! I intend to make more similar beads, but because of the chemical reaction within the glass, I cannot make an exact duplicate.So, if you like it, you best purchase it now!This is the exact bead you will receive.This bead all measures 15.20 mm in diameter and is 8.33 mm wide. All the beads are lined with .999 fine silver tubing by me.Bracelet shown not included. It is actual Troll Bracelet.FITS TROLL ONLY **** FITS TROLL ONLY ***** FITS TROLL ONLYAll of my lampwork glass beads are individually handmade using Effetre, Vetrofond, or Lauscha, Reichenbach, Double Helix glass rods. They are annealed in a digitally controlled kiln for everlasting strength and durability.***This fits Trollbeads only.***Thank you,Ellen07-42, jewelry and beading

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