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red fern, Long Dichroic glass earrings dark red orange fern pattern fused glass jewelry dichroic earrings Sterling silver ear wires



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Dramatic dark red orange patterned fused dichroic earrings and sterling silver ear wires. The glass itself is 7/8" long by just over 1/3" wide and with the ear wires the earrings are to 1 1/2" long. I use substantial 20 gauge sterling silver ear wires which don't bend and flex when you wear them. The pattern is called fern and the red and black pattern is curved and very nature like in appearance. I am sure you will love these if you are partial to the warm red shades. I design and fuse all jewelry. Each pair of earrings is created from specialty art glass and dichroic glass some of which is custom made for us. Substantial sterling silver ear wires support these earrings. All fused glass is annealed for strength and durability. I photograph all jewelry very carefully so that you will have the best possible image to make your decision from. Shipping is $3.49for first class shipping with delivery confirmation and great packing which includes a gift bag and a gift box wrapped in bubble wrap and a bubble bag.McCray Studios vermillion red orange dichroic earrings sterling silver ear wires fused glass jewelry#54, fused glass jewelry

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